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depressed alone empty support Image by ¡! BIΛ ♡🔗

READ!! ( if u care..)

ok guys so this will be long so if u dont wanna read u can stop here.

ok um so right now my mental health and well being isnt good and im really in a depressive state and i feel very sad and im angry mad sad and disappointed. i feel empty inside and i feel like nothing i feel depressed and need confort from someone irl. im very stressed right now and very sad at the same time. this world isnt perfect neither are the humans that live on the earth. for most of my life i was bullied and teased and left put and made felt like i meant nothing to the world. they made me feel like i dont even know who i am anymore. and they still dont like me. im the kid that nobody likes. left out and- you need to know that the world is toxic. no matter where you are there will always be people on the negative side. im so tired of pretending. its killing me. im gonna end up dying of depression. i support those lgbt+s and is there something wrong with that? i swear everything i do its always going to be mocked one way or the other. this isnt a pity post for likes or being popular on pa. i just want someone to listen to me. me at school everyone is always going to tell me im fat or ugly at least twice a day. my spirit isnt lifted. ive turned into a person who cant be proud. who cant be happy. im dead inside. im alone. i cant do this. i dont want to live the life i live anymore. im sorry that you actually took time to read this. im sorry i wasted your time. i dont want any extra publicity out of this post and i mean it. but im just saying what i feel. but thank you very much for reading this. #sad #depressed #alone #empty #support #love