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1k 1kfollowers ateez Image by PA stop gliching πŸ˜’

Β‘β‘ β“€ β’»β“„β“β“β“„β“Œβ’Ίβ“‡β“ˆ!

Thank you so much for 1k!!!!!!
I never thought that I would be able to reach even 100 followers. I woke up and opened the app and then BOOM πŸ’₯, 1k!!!!
I would look at other people’s profile with like 40k followers or however many followers, and just think, that I would never be able to reach that milestone.
But here I am, celebrating 1k!

I can’t believe that I hit 1k before my birthday. I thought that I would reach it, like a few day after, but hey. I’m so shocked and happy that it happened early ❀️❀️

I’m thinking of making a contest or opening pfp and cover requests. I wonder which is better?
DM me to let me know!

I know that the edit itself isn’t good, so forgive me for that πŸ˜…

Stay safe!!!
And again, thanks for 1k!!!!

Sakura xx


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β™‘π•”π• π•žπ•žπ•–π•Ÿπ•₯ 🌸 π•šπ•— π•ͺ𝕠𝕦 π•¨π•’π•Ÿπ•₯ π•₯𝕠 𝕓𝕖 π• π•Ÿ π•žπ•ͺ π•₯π•’π•˜ π•π•šπ•€π•₯
β™‘π•”π• π•žπ•žπ•–π•Ÿπ•₯ πŸ₯€ π•šπ•— π•ͺ𝕠𝕦 π•¨π•’π•Ÿπ•₯ π•₯𝕠 𝕓𝕖 π•£π•–π•žπ• π•§π•–π••
β™‘οΈŽπ•”π• π•žπ•žπ•–π•Ÿπ•₯ πŸŒ·π•šπ•— π•ͺ𝕠𝕦 π•”π•™π•’π•Ÿπ•˜π•–π•• π•ͺ𝕠𝕦𝕣 π•¦π•€π•–π•£π•Ÿπ•’π•žπ•–

𝔻𝕄 𝕄𝔼 𝕋𝕆 𝔹𝔼 𝕀ℕ 𝕄𝕐 𝕋𝔸𝔾 π•ƒπ•€π•Šπ•‹


πŸ…£πŸ…πŸ…–πŸ…’ 🏷
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