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hii :)

so this month is june and u all know what that means..and if u don’t, june is pride month!

as a member of the lgbt community, i take this month to heart and it is very important to me.

so, i am willing to put up with any homophobes that want to attack me. this is really important for me.

i wanted to take this opportunity to share my coming out story with you all, because i am out to some of my friends and to my mom. i am not completely out but i know i’ll get there in time.

so, let me officially come out to u all and share my story :)

this is going to be long and possible have a little bit of sob-story vibes so u don’t have to read it. if ur stopping here, i love u and happy pride month, don’t forget to be proud of who u are.

if ur gonna keep reading though, thank u. i love u more than u will ever know. enjoy my story :)

hi, i’m cass. i’m 13 years old and i’m bisexual, and i identify as a cis female. my preferred pronouns are she/her, but i am also fine with they/them. i’ve known i was bisexual since around september of 2019. i came out to some of my ibfs in mid september and one irl person towards the end of that month. i came out to one irl friend at the end of december and i came out to the rest of my close friends in january. i was so happy to see that my friendships with people were not affected by my sexuality at all. the first person i came out to, i am very lucky to have in my life. she is one of my best friends and she deals with struggles with her sexuality too. she doesn’t know what she is yet, and it’s really nice to have her on this path figuring out who we are. the rest of my irl friends that i came out to (there are four others) are all straight (as far as i know), but they are so incredibly supportive of me. when i even told one of my friends, i told him who i might like, and he wouldn’t stop saying what he thought would be the ship name. he treated me no differently than he had before and that was a big deal for me. the other boy i came out to i had a crush on at the time and i was worried it was going to affect our “relationship”, but it didn’t, and nothing changed. that boy and i don’t like each other anymore but we remain friends.
i was really scared to come out to my best friend. i didn’t know for sure if she supported so i didn’t do it personally. i asked my other friend to do it for me, and turns out she supported me 100%. i am so lucky to have a best friend like her that truly loves me for who i am. if u have a best friend and are scared they won’t support, though, it’s best to do it by yourself. either way, something good will come out of it. u will either have gained the support of one person or u will have rid ur life of someone toxic.
after this i came out to one more person who supported me as well. she just gave me a big hug.
the funny thing is, i know that none of my friends expected it. i could tell how surprised they were. but i’m so glad they supported me.
a couple of weeks ago i actually decided to come out to my mom. not officially, but i told her that i could possibly be bisexual. i was expecting her to overreact and make a big deal out of it, but in reality it truly changed nothing. we had a little talk about it but she didn’t try to change my mind, she didn’t tell me it’s “just a phase”, she didn’t do any of that bullshit that i know some parents try to do. she was so supportive and i’m so lucky to have a mom like her. she even said she could see me being attracted to girls, lol.
in conclusion, i’m out to five friends and my mom, and i couldn’t be happier. i have people supporting me and they are real ones.
if ur thinking of coming out, make sure ur ready. and, make sure ur safe. i know it may be tempting to get it over with, but please make sure that the people u want to come out to wont hurt u for it, or mentally or physically damage u for it in any way. because, it can be very draining, disheartening, and discouraging to find out u are not accepted with some people. so please be sure ur safe. if u are safe, and u are ready to come out, i wish u luck. and, if ur not ready, that’s ok too. i know it’s a daunting task. but there will always be people who love u. remember, no matter what happens something good will happen. u will either gain someone’s support or get rid of one more toxic person.

and, that’s it! that’s my coming out story. i hope it was inspiring-ish to some people out there.

aaaand that’s about it!

if u read down here ur a real one, and i love u more than u will ever know.

and never forget,
it doesn’t matter if u identify as
lgbtqia+ (in general)
libidoist asexual
or anything i missed,

u are loved, u are valid, and u should be proud of who u are.

i’m only one dm away if u ever need to talk about anything. even if we aren’t close. i can even be ur own personal diary, u can let me know u don’t want me to respond and u can just rant to me. i promise, i never share anything. or, just dm me if u need advice. or anything. i’m always here for all of u, no matter what happens.

i promise that i love u no matter what.

happy pride month, beautiful people.

be proud of who u are, always.

oh and stay sexc 👁👄👁

love love love
— cass
#wewillnotfall . 🏳️‍🌈

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