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[ᴍᴀᴢᴢɪᴇ’ꜱ ɢɪꜰᴛ]

As an honor and as a thanks for 2k followers, I spent a bunch of time on something for you guys!
I really felt like I needed to give back after everything you all have done so without further ado:


This took an extremely big amount of time but I was able to finish it within 2 days! As a gift to my followers, I put together a bunchhh of things I use for editing and more, such as pictures to edit, a bunch of overlays/backgrounds, and a small font pack🥺💖!!

There is so much stuff on here so I really hope you all end up using it and thank you so much for everything you all have done and everything I have received since I made this account. There’s no possible way I could ever repay you guys back for it, but I hope this goes a long way🤧💘💗💘💗💘

There is 1 large folder and everything is organized so you guys don’t get confused.
Also for the folder of pictures to edit, there isnt any girl groups and I apologize for it but I’m a boy group stan so most of the pictures that I had previously saved were of different boy groups. Fortunately, I did add a variety of and groups photos so I hope that helps!

Lastly bc there are no comments and I wanted to give the pack away as soon as I could, I put together a group of some of my really good friends to help me out with spreading the link! If you would like the link to the pack, you can dm:
Me aka @rejects101 @3taetenmochi3 @armyfromuniverse @manipulationedits @lilackookie Or @mango_mxchi
You can dm any of us for the link!
The only rules to get this pack are to be following me since this is a pack for my followers and to repost this post!

I seriously hope you all put this pack to use and tag me in your posts if you use stuff from it so I can see your amazing edits 🥺💘

I also made an edit out of a bunch of the things from this folder which I will also be posting today so look forward to it :)

If u have any trouble with the pack, then pls dm me instead of my friends listed above, but if you simply want the link, then u can dm any of us

And lastly again, special thanks to my team of friends who are helping and mostly @3taetenmochi3 and @rjmgraphics . They helped me out in many different ways🥺❤️

As time goes on, I will continue to add to the pack💕

Thank you all so much again💖

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