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etsy etsyshopowner etsyfinds Image by 🔸Haley Mak🔸

Hey guys, so one thing most of you may not know about me is that i make jewelry! So i was thinking if you guys wanted me to, i would post every now and then about products that are for sale! You can follow my shop on instagram @MakMadebyHaley and you can find my shop if you search MakMadebyHaley on etsy.com. I also sell my jewelry on Poshmark @haley_mak11 . You guys are all so amazing, so what better way to show my love for my friends than giving them gifts! Anyways, like this post if you would want me to update you all on new products; if this gets enough likes, ill take it as a yes. Love you guys!💓 -Haley #etsy #etsyshopowner #etsyfinds #jewelry #jewelrymaking #handmade #gifts #poshmark #MakMadebyHaley