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edit emmawatson emma Image by owner:@billsbambi

🚃 ‧₊˚
爱 Lup luvhs chu ♡
❝I'm bαck with α
new edit i hope
you like it!♡❞
🍧˚꒱celebrity: Emma watson
🐩˚꒱time tαken: idk
🍦˚꒱contest: dm me if u have one!
💌˚꒱credits: @allthestickerowners🌸˚꒱qotd: why did you get into Harry Potter?
🐇˚꒱αotd: okay this is so weird but because of a old tv show called nowhere boys. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one doe.
🐚˚꒱notes: old edit again! Stay tuned for a new edit later! I 100% love Emma so much,she's such a good feminine icon,she's so polite even after her fame and I just love her.
👻˚꒱hαshtαgs: #complexedit #edit #emmawatson #emma #watson #harrypotter #pottah #feltson #temma #actress #beautyandthebeast #beautiful #beautyicon #blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd #potter #hermionegranger #thegoldentrio #littlewomen #timotheechalamet #lgbtq + #amazing🍃˚꒱shoutout of the dαy: @diormocha CAUSE SHES THE BEST THING EVER FOLLOW HER RN OR I'LL STEAL YOUR FOOD
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💁˚꒱follower count:90
💉˚꒱ibfs: @badherron (the best editor ever and my best friend on here💁) @sushifuhl (my potterhead twin👭 and literally the best person on PicsArt) @diorsmocha (I count you as my ibf too lmao😏 the gurl that never leaves me on seen the person I vibe with the most and my no.1 feltson shipper ily mate x)
Creds to @awhemma
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