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Time for the long, mushy paragraphs 🙈

@awhcupid- , Amy Ace/Asa
Heyyy 🥺. Omg Asa, I’m so glad we met. I can’t even explain how happy I am to be friends. We’re so alike and can laugh at about anything together. You’re sweet, kind, funny, and if you ever think otherwise I’ll throw your opinion in da trash 🀩🗑 you have so freaking much talent and style (yOuRe sO fAnChy) and you’re a theater and musical and Disney freak jus like me 😋. I hope that someday we can meet and talk irl 🥺🙈😭 ILYSM ASA 🥺💕💕💕
@diorqueen- , Kathy
aRe yOu aRiAnA gRaNde 👀 nO? WeLL yOu sUrE sEeM LiKe hEr. You have a heck of a lot of talent, you’re super nice, funny, cOoL, and understanding. YoU miGht as WeLL bE hEr. I’m so freaking glad that we met, and I’ll never forget the first conversations we had. You’re such an amazing person and I hope that you never ever forget that 😏🙈🥰. We’re so much alike it’s like do I know you irl?! I wish 😫. But still, ILYSM KATHY 🥺💕💕💕
@my_kitty_noir , Cami
Oh how it pains me to right this. It hurts everyday that you left. You were my closest friend on here, I sincerely thought that we were family, just split at birth. I miss you more than you’ll ever know. And here, have all of the croissants and hearts that we shared 🥐 💕 you deserve them all 😫🥺😭💕💕💕 ILYSM CAMI ILL NEVER FORGET YOU 🥺💕💕💕
@ohmycara- // @vi-roleplays , Vi
hEhE rOLePLaY qUeEn. You’re so amazing. Periodt. I’m so glad that we finally have gotten to talk and roleplay and everything, considering that I was scared to talk to you at first 🌝😏🙈 you have so much talent like uHm can I steal some? I hope that you start feeling better soon 🥺💕 ILYSM VI 🥺💕💕💕
@fqngirling- , JeDelle
MY TWINNY TWINNNNNN. No wonder your Tom Holland’s wife 😏. YOURE PERFECT FOR HIM! You’re sweet, funny, talented beyond heck, and so much more. I can’t wait to attend yalls wedding 🀩. I’m so glad that I discovered you when I got back from break, because I never knew I had a twin and if I lived my whole life without knowing that would be sadz 😿. ILYSM JD 🥺💕💕💕
@dancingintheraine , Ashley
THE QUEEN OF DTVA 🙇🏜‍♀👑🀩 I’m so glad I got to meet you. You’re so sweet, talented and we’re a lot alike. Don’t worry I’ll never grow up if you won’t either 🙈🥰 you inspire me with your likmindedness and your Faith. Thank you for helping me become a better believer 🥺💕 lLYSM ASHLEY 🥺💕💕💕
@theshipshavesailed , Aubrey
I was devastated when you announced you were leaving. But when I read your goodbye post it gave me peace...in the fact that you were leaving and in my situation. I learned that our situations with friends and whatnot are a lot alike. You gave me more hope that God has a bigger plan for me. Thank you so much. I’ll never forget you sweet, funny, talented, kind girl. ILYSM AUBREY 🥺💕💕💕
@fqirydixie- , Kyra
yOuRe tOo kEWL kYrA I cAnT hAnDLe iT 😻 but really, you’re so amazing!! You’re hilarious and make a lot of situations better with your humor and kindness. I know we haven’t gotten to talk a ton and we nEeD tO tALk mOre 😌😿 (you’re just so kewl I get scared to talk to u 🙀) but keep up your amazing talented work and personality 😞😜 ILYSM KYRA 🥺💕💕💕
@gracecupid- , Abbey
My Abbs 🥺 YOURE SO SWEET AGHHH. And so talented like whaaaat the heck?! Gimme some of yours 😀 but yeah, I really and truly do appreciate you. You’re so funny and kind and a rEaLLy gOoD rOLePlaYer 👀 I hope that we can become better friends 🥰 and never doubt that you’re amazing, because you really truly are and I don’t want you to forget that. ILYSM ABBEY 🥺💕💕💕
@flat_whale , Laynie
LaY LaY 🙈 omgz I’m so glad I met you! You’re so amazing. Like seriously. Don’t let your fake friends make you think otherwise, k? 😀🥺 you’re so talented (like uHm WOW 🀩) and kind and funny, like why can’t I have a personality like you 😢 you’re also a VV gOoD rOLePlaYer hEhe. I hope that we can become better friends too but I understand if you don’t want to bc you’re way more amazing than me 😭🥺😢 ILYSM LAYNIE 🥺💕💕💕
@jedii_palpatine , Lolo
uHm the first person that I followed that wasn’t someone I knew irl checkkkk 🀩🙈 girllll, you’re so talented. Like I can’t even. You’re also nice, kind, funny, and many other great things. And you’re obsessed with Marvel and Star Wars which is automatically amazing 😏🥰 I hope we can become better friends my first idol 🥺 ILYSM LOLO 🥺💕💕💕
@girlykatt , Kat
MY JEDI MOTHERRRR 🀩 seriously though, how are yo so amazing and sweet? You give the most inspirational messages when we’re sad and always make us laugh. And your artwork is OUT OF THIS GALAXY 🙈🥰 it’s just so good. Tysm for being such an inspiration and sweet kind person. ILYSM KAT 🥺💕💕💕
@awhdonut , Sasha
I don’t know you that well but UHM WOW. You’re so sweet and talented like I could never 😢🀩🥺 I love your personality, it’s so nice and amazing and real... and can I steal some of your editing skillz 😏 I hope that we can become better friends, and never forget how amazing you are, because you truly, truly are. ILYSM SASHA 🥺💕💕💕
@beccqpotter- , Becca
NO I DIDNT MURDER THE COMPUTER 😭😭 I bet you did, you’re the murderer here 😭🙈 but I can’t blame you because you just murder when we don’t think we’re good enough 🥺 you’re a bULLy sOmEtiMes but overall you’re an amazing and kind person who’s funny and fun to talk to AND SO TALENTED 🀩🥺 you haven’t been active in like a day tho so I’m kinda worried...😰 but thank you for being so amazing and nice 🥰💕 ILYSM BECCA 🥺💕💕💕
@madisqn , May
How dare you say your name isn’t pretty 😀😀 I wish my name were that cool 😢😭 but seriously, I don’t know you too well but I can tell that you’re an amazing person who loves her friends no matter what. And you’re so talented like 🀩 I hope we can become better friends 🥺 ILYSM MAY 🥺💕💕💕
@fqirycharli- , @flcwer , and @iamchezstrings , Mir, Mer and Chezzy
I don’t know any of y’all too amazingly well, but I do know that y’all are all WAY too talented. Like WAY 🀩 and you’re such amazingly nice and kind people that I want to get to know better 🥺 ILYSM MIR, MER AND CHEZZY 🥺💕💕💕

And to everyone in all of the gc’s that I’m in...ILYGSM!!! If you didn’t get an individual mention, I’m sorry, but I do still love you. It was probably because I don’t know you that well at all 🥺 but keep being amazing!!!

I’m so glad we got to have an IBF day two. IBF day is now an important monument for me, as the first one was the day I got to come back on PicsArt after being off for 2 months. This day is a celebration (at least for me) of how much I appreciate you guys and missed you. I love you all and thank you for helping make my life easier and being my friends and people I could talk to when all of my irl ones were being..just not the best. Ilyasssssssmmmmm and I hope that none of you will ever forget that 🥺💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕