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gacha gachaclub gachaedit Image by ♡ c h e s s ♡

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*॰.•°॰ ೬ d ι τ я ೬ q υ ೬ ऽ τ ॰°•.॰*

ധ೫σ? — @lxgical_blxxd

τγρ೬? — Gacha Edit Request

τι൱೬ τ೩κ೬η? — 9 hours over two weeks

೩ρρऽ υऽ೬d? — IbispaintX, Gacha Club and Picsart

fя೬೬ τσ υऽ೬? — Please do not use this edit. This is for @lxgical_blxxd 's use only. Thanks 💛

τ೫συg೫τऽ? — I FINALLY FINISHED IT 😁😁😁 I'm really sorry for it taking so long (had a bit of a breakdown halfway through, and well it took me a while to climb out of my thoughts... ^^;;). I'm actually pretty happy with it, especially with how the hair turned out 🥰🥰

I hope you like it!

೫೩ऽ೫τ೩gऽ — #gacha #gachaclub #gachaedit #edit #request #softedit #white #grey #red #drawing #digital #IbispaintX #chiesuka #chess
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