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billieeilish eilish Image by more over here :) -->

Missing @lvnxriah hours :(💞
Lol, hi everyone.
I know, I harldy post. The last time I posted was
in June🤭
Just know that I am still active almost everyday,
and I won’t leave anytime soon.
My comments are finally back, so feel free to
spam in the comments 🙈
I think that’s all
Oh wait oml tysm for 16.5k damn I almost forgot
I don’t really look at my fc anymore, but thank
you all sm🥺♥️
Taglist: @lvnxriah lysm✨ (I know, I know. I should
remove you since you’ve left. I’m honestly just
hoping for a miracle, but if you happen to see
this: ily and I miss u❤️) @bilsdream lysm💙 @billie_eilish_fan_x lysm💛 (I’ll remove you from
my taglist in my next post, but I just wanted to
say a last goodbye.💞) @la_dama_del_lago lysm♥️ (when I saw that you
posted again I was so fricking happy. I love your
recents and just your editing style in general. I
hope you’re doing alright, ily💞) @pewbil lysm🧡 (I’m still so glad ur back😢❤️
Your posts might not get as many likes and
saves as before you took a break. Just know that
it’s a natural process, and new people will find
your account over time. Don’t let it bring you
down, you’re amazing💞) @strangerthings179 lysm💚 @ece_akz lysm💜 @molly_artz_23 lysm💗 (I just saw that you’re
taking a break, I hope you’re doing alright, and
take your time❤️) @martinimel- lysm🖤 (aa ily and ur edits :)❤️) @bustdownbillie lysm💓 @_pink_bubbles_ lysm💟 (can I just say that I
love your pfp💞) @bills_tqcos lysm🥺 (ah, I miss seeing your
posts on my feed. You have such a unique
editing style, and I absolutely love it. i hope you
will come back one day, but take your time with
your break. ily💕) @billsbambi lysm🥰 (your edits are top tier. I
wish I could edit like that👏 ily💕) @cxttoncqndy lysm❤️ (You left, but I wanted to
say a last goodbye. I loved your edits, and the
thing you did with -stay_safe- was so nice, you
looked out for everyone and made sure everyone
was safe. I hope you’re doing alright, ily💕) @blue_dreamer lysm⭐@mx_girly lysm🌟 @almondmilk0wo lysm🌙 @billiemyangel lysm⚡@billblush lysm☀️ @gottamood lysm💞 (I’ll remove you from my
taglist in my next post since you’ve left. I loved
your edits, and you made the app a better place.
I hope you’re doing alright, ily💞) @veronica_farmer lysm🌸 @hqney_cqconut lysm🌺 (I love your recent and
your new username💗) @-strawberry_kisses lysm🌷(I absolutely love
your edits💕) @lqlly lysm🌼 (congrats on 1k🎉, I love your
new username💕) @inlovewbillieeilish lysm🌛 @linorlion lysm🌜 @salma-2501 lysm🌚 @nsawrlds lysm🌖 (love your new username💕) @011_stqrdust lysm🌗 @awhtaylena- lysm🌘 (I love your edits, and
your new username💕) @_strangermee_ lysm🌑 @bts_phatiezz lysm🌓 @diorcupids lysm🌔 @idkidcid_ lysm🌕 (I miss seeing your posts🥺
take your time tho, ily♥️) @fqiryavani lysm🌎 (I love your new username,
and I absolutely love your profile picture🥺♥️
Kenma is one of my favorite haikyuu characters
💕 ily) @kaydenz_12 lysm🌍 @i_am_billie_eilish lysm🌏 @winc0_sampl3s lysm☃️ @-__aesthetics__- lysm🌊 @lxttlcrcmxngton- lysm❄️ @nqrthern-dqwnpour lysm🧁 (aaa ily💕 your
edits give me life) @fenjamagbillie85 lysm🍭 @i_love_music_more lysm🍰 @billieeilishmyworld lysm🍦 @bxbybils lysm🌨 @btslvefest lysm☁️ @smolbil lysm🌦 (I love your new username❤️) @toiletwipe lysm⛅@awhstreep- lysm⛈ (love your new
username💕) @whcniwqsoldcr lysm🌩 (aa I love ur edits💕) @jahxxxbillie lysm🌬 @benjey-uwu lysm💧 @benjikrol_ lysm💦 (I love your pfp💕)

Lol where did the tag limit go
Comment ‘🕯’ to be added to my taglist💕
Comment ‘🔦’ to be removed from my taglist
If you’re still reading, ily💕
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #billie #billieeilish #eilish #yellow #simple #edit #grng #effect #interview #polkadots #freetoedit
#remixed from @fayth23 , @unibrow_queen