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네버 랜드 덕분에 1 위 했어요!😗💖 너무 고마워요 진짜 Image by MINNIE 🐶

네버 랜드 덕분에 1 위 했어요!😗💖 너무 고마워요 진짜 ㅠㅠ
보고 싶다 ,, 가까이 못 본지 꽤 오래됐는데 다들 잘 지내고 있 죠?
건강 잘 챙기고 밥도 잘 챙겨 먹어요 알 겠죠 ?? 우리 이번주가 막방 이니까 일요일까지 응원 해주세요:)♡

Thanks to Neverland, we won first place!😗💖 Thank you so much. I really want to see you guys. It's been a while since I haven't seen neverland up close, is everyone doing well?
Take good care of your health and eat well. Okay? Since this week are the last promotions, please support us until Sunday :)♡

(G)I-DLE: @official_g_idle
SEO SOOJIN: @soojin_g_idle
CHO MIYEON: @miyeon_g_idle
SONG YUQI: @yuqi_g_idle
YEH SHUHUA: @shuhua_g_idle
Choreographer: @leejung_lee
@0fficial_soobin @sowon_gfriendoffical @sister_yell @msftz_official @kimjun_cotton @awesome-haeun @mina_official @rrreal__pcy @nancyjewel_mcdonie_ @heyitsahin_ @janeeexxyeon_ @_somsomi0309 @ttodayis_wendy @_imyour_joyy @yeriimiese @lafilledhiver__ @tzuyu_twicejyp @sana_twicejyp @jeongyeon_twicejyp @chaeyoung_twicejyp @dahyun_twicejyp @mina_twicejyp @momo_twicejyp @itzy_alll_in_us @lia_itzyy @yeji_iitzy @chaeryeong_itzyy @yuna_itzyy @ryujin_itzyy @jenniekim_official @jihyo_twicejyp @nayeon_twicejyp