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gacha gachaclub gachaedit Image by ♡ c h e s s ♡

—-—-—-—-[ o p e n ]-—-—-—-—
*॰.•°॰ g ೩ ς ೫ ೩ ೬ d ι τ ॰°•.॰*

ധ೫σ? — iT me lOVes ✌🏼

τγρ೬? — Gacha Edit

τι൱೬ τ೩κ೬η? — Idk, I did it overnight because couldnee sleep... 5 hours I guess?? 👁👄👁

೩ρρऽ υऽ೬d? — IbispaintX, Gacha Club and Picsart

fя೬೬ τσ υऽ೬? — Please do not use this edit. Thanks 💛

τ೫συg೫τऽ? — Heh, I'm a bit out of it right now. No sleep and antibiotics; not a great combo 😅 Anyway, I made the lines a bit darker and thiccer than usual and it gives it a kind of more cartoony look? Idk? I also used purple coloured shading and made the shade layers hard light 😊

೫೩ऽ೫τ೩gऽ — #gacha #gachaclub #gachaedit #edit #OC # #selfinsert #owncharacter #softedit #yellow #pastel #purple #digital #IbispaintX #chiesuka #chess
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