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namastaekaty_2 jin hyung Image by 🌌Love yourself!🖌

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🌷Hi guys i’m back after 3 days but it feels longer and thank you soo much for 50+ followers already!!😢❤️❤️ i love you guys sooo much.

🌷I also won in a contest for the first time and i couldn’t believe it, it was the contest held by @namastae_7 and @katykim_edits and both of them are such AMAZING editors plz follow them and thank you soooo much for choosing me💗💗

🌷And i’m doing a shoutout for @official_kpopfilter his/her edits are just so super eyecatching plz follow this account and she/he deserves soooo much love and likes plz support this account💗

🌷Entry for the second round
contest: #namastaekaty_2
held by: @namastae_7 and @katykim_edits

🌷Thank you guys for all the support love you guys stay safe❤️🌹

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