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taeny_contest suga agustd Image by 🌌Love yourself!🖌

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☆*:.。. Happy Birthday Jimin! .。.:*☆

🏴☠️Hey guyz so ik most of my edits so far r dark and i promise u it’s not on purpose. I made this dark cuz it’s supposed to be a spooky edit idk if u can tell. And as i said i wanted to post jimin but i already did so i can’t but happy birthday to him❤️

🏴☠️And i’m done with bts members and i’m SO DAMN excited to post got7 members next yayy! So ya stay tuned.

🏴☠️And i’m also learning korean yay ryt now i’m learning the basics from a free online course on youtube. It’s done by Korean unnie and it’s really interesting and not hard. Actually believe it or not i can read Korean words now🤩 so if u wanna learn Korean i recommend her she’s amazzinnggg and her instagram is ‘korean__unnie’ follower her if u have ig (i don’t lol) and ya it says it’s a month course but 한굴 isn’t hard so u can do it in a week also and after i watched her videos i realized the way i was learning Korean was completely wrong cuz i was following romanization, if u don’t know what that is it’s basically using english letters to distinguish Korean letter sounds which is wrong cuz Korean letters have their own sound which we just have to memorize.

🏴☠️Entry for: #taeny_contest Held by: @taenie19 and @kpopnancy

🏴☠️That’s it guys love ya’ll

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