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rinokumura okumura okumurarin Image by marsΰΌ‰

-`, (πŒπ€π‘π’ | ππ‹π—π’π’πŒ π€πƒπŽπ‘π„π’ π˜πŽπ”. . .)κ’± β†·πŸ₯£β₯πŸ₯›

✧∘* ೃ β‹†ο½‘Λš.☾


β—›β‘…Β·Λš ༘ β™‘
β†· β‹― β™‘οΈŽα΅Ž

π“π˜ππ„ πŽπ… ππŽπ’π“κœœπŸ₯‘
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β€§β‚Š ❁ΫͺΫͺཻུ.;:ΰ­­Μ₯.κ’± πŸ₯£α°β”†

βœŽα°β”†character / fandom - rin okumura / blue exorcist
βœŽα°β”†color scheme - blue/red
βœŽα°β”†rating - 4/10 😾
βœŽα°β”†weather - 🌦
βœŽα°β”†mood - 😐

⌒ : β™‘ β€Ή ぃ ゚. ﹏﹏﹏

·˚✎ ﹏ 𝐄𝐗𝐓𝐑𝐀- β€œ an edit of rin because I LOVE HIM SM LIKE LOOK AT HIS FACE HOW CAN YOU HATE THIS PRECIOUS BBY πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ˜– he’s too good for this world- and oh my god i did him dirty in this edit it looks terrible- 🌝😾🀝🐸 β€œ

βΊβ—Ÿ π“π€π†π‹πˆπ’π“ . . . ꜜπŸ₯£
(πŸ₯‘) @scftiecreme (sQuiDd πŸ¦‘πŸ’–)
(πŸ₯‘) @-nezushii (bby yogi cult πŸ˜ŒπŸ’–βœ¨)
(πŸ₯‘) @amcstris (support shark boi πŸ¦ˆπŸ’–)
(πŸ₯‘) @oddly_ecliptic
(πŸ₯‘) @-taroboba (πŸ₯‘) @-huemeyralale- (πŸ₯‘) @blue_mistxx (πŸ₯‘) @rxsewqter (πŸ₯‘) @athy_chan (πŸ₯‘) @-circus_coffee (πŸ₯‘) @liqux (πŸ₯‘) @ultimatedespair- (πŸ₯‘) @lysteas
(πŸ₯‘) @-wolfhardedits- (πŸ₯‘) @somethingawkward (πŸ₯‘) @sakuramochix_ (πŸ₯‘) @scarletwitch4life (πŸ₯‘) @mxdnightokyo (πŸ₯‘) @thepineapplegod (πŸ₯‘) @ramen_noodles14 (πŸ₯‘) @ddigiorno

π’πˆπŒππ’ β™‘οΈŽ
(πŸ₯‘) @rxsewqter (πŸ₯‘) @oddly_ecliptic (πŸ₯‘) @liqux

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βŠΉβ‚Š ⋆ π‚π‘π„πƒπ’κœœπŸ₯‘
filters - creds to @nctepnka κ’± β†·
stickers - comment for sticker creds κ’± β†·

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