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hii soobjinnies 💞

so today i made an edit of minhyuk in monsta x’s ‘fatal love’ photoshoot :) i really reaallyyy like their song “love killa”, you guys should listen to it ❤️ im actually kinda proud at how this edit turned out 😁 if u want, pls like and repost 💫

and AHH BTS’ “BE” ALBUM IS OUT AND THE SONGS ARE AMAZINGG 🤧💕 i especially love “fly to my room” and “life goes on” 😪💘

also pls join my contest 🥺💕 and sometimes my notifs dont work so pls comment on the contest post for if u submitted your entry

credits to the owners of the stickers used in this edit, and pls dont steal this edit, it was made by me ❤️

sorry for being kinda inactive lately, i’ve been so busy with classwork and tests 😭 and also, i cant repost edits for some reason- 🥲

anyways byee 🍬🧚‍♀️

~soobjinarmymoa 💗

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