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rockers punkrockers emo issues Image by not my art!

🤟"Metalhead's, punkrocker's, rocker's issues" 🤟

😗 Just so you know that, I know exactly what I'm talking about😗
🤟I'm Metalhead myself🤟

1️⃣When we're going across the street with headphones in, listening to that LOUD metal, and we almost get hit by a car ☠️

2️⃣. Not enough of black clothes 💣

3️⃣. When we FINALLY go to rock shop after 100000000 years..... and it's closed 🔐

4️⃣.When we want to dye our hair, but we don't have the money/"age" to buy hair color or hairdresser (age in case parents don't allow it-minors such as myself) 💸

5️⃣. When we don't get any black clothes on Christmas cause "Santa doesn't bring black things" (and that's cap because I got Guns 'n Roses shirt for last Christmas and it was black) 🎄

💬Comment emoji as for which issue you're familiar with, especially you, metalheads, rockers, punkrockers, emos💬

😬Half of them are from my own experience😬
🙏But please, don't listen to the loud metal while walking across the street🙏
🎧 Take off your headphones 🎧
😎Or if you want to see those extremely disgusted old people's faces😎
😉At least stop the music and keep headphones in😉
😆It's worth it😆

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