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seokjin 김숙진 숙진 oldest wwh Image by 🌌Love yourself!🖌

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I wanted to post this at the start at the day but i was really busy but gladly i posted it before tomorrow(P.S: it’s still not past 12 here). It seems like Seokjin only ages when he feels like it😅 but seriously he’s still sooo handsome.

🧨Ok believe it or not i actually was planning to edit the same pic as @farari18 but i didn’t. And this is not the first time something like this happened. We coincidentaly chose the same background for my Kim Taehyung edit and it was so shocking.

🧨Anyway i have nothing to say thank u guys for 100 followers!! I’m really greatfull ppl like my edits and i tried a new style for this edit. But actually i feel like i messed up, i’ll try better next time. LUV YOU GUYS🧡

🧨And stay safe and healthy cases r increasing in some parts of the world, always wear masks and put sanitizer when u go out.

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