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taehyung Image by 🌌Love yourself!🖌

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🍺Hi guyss, i’m back after a week and trust me, this pic was EXTREMELY hard to find, i spent maybe a week to find pics to edit but also found many amazing backgrounds. I didn’t post for a week cuz we went on a trip and i didn’t get the time to edit. And i don’t like this edit, i messed up a lot but i didn’t post for a long time so yah i posted.

🍺Also i feel really sick right now, i don’t put out my feeling and stuff on PA but i’m going to now, just this once, i have a pounding headache and i continuously feel like vomiting and i feel nauseous all the time, i actually get travel sickness a lot especially when the A/C touches my face which is why i always open the windows, but when i can’t i get a vomitish feeling, right now it’s probably for the weather but omg it’s hurts and feels sooooo horrible, i hope i recover soon😣🤧

And the day before yesterday @farari18 and @maddy16_99 and i had an amazing 1 hour chat, after a long time it was really fun, i was actually smilling at the phone like a phsycopath😅 but they really are the best friends i could ever ask for. Love you both unconditionally😘❤️

🍺Rosé, Lisa and Woojin made their solo debutes and i wish them good luck for their future. I also heard that Yugyeom is going to leave got7 after his contract expires and join another entertainment company, but i don’t know if he’s going to debute solo or with another group. And i didn’t know i would become an ITZY fan but they’re sooo awesome with amazing music which contains amazing meanings, especially ‘WANNABE’

🍺Thats all, Love you guys sooo much! Take care🤎🧸

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🍺Comment on my taglist post to join. I’m planning to restart my taglist cuz it’s a mess. I’ll delete that post once i’m happy with the number of people in the list.

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