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🚲Entry for : #kookies_chocolate2kcontest Held by : @kookies_chocolate

🚲This edit is not that nice to enter for a contest but i didn’t think i would improve before the contest ends so i entered it, i know there will be many other amazing entries, i just enter for fun. I’m also still experimenting with custom and made brushes to get my style.

🚲Also Anne Leblanc and Asher Angle broke up?! Whattt? How come i never knew until today. I’m not a huge fan of them both, i know Anne because of @farari18 and Asher from SHAZAM, but i think they looked cute together. Apparently the break up was because of Asher’s mother or something like that, Anne wanted to respect Asher’s family so to prevent other misunderstandings they broke up. Asher did say after the break up that they are ‘teenagers and used to see each other every other day, but quarantine happened all of the sudden making it really hard’ for both if them. I just hope both of them are happy at the end.

🚲I also just now realized that i never said anything about the ‘BE’ album. Am i ok? So to be honest i haven’t listened to all the songs in the album, just DIS-EASE and LIFE GOES ON, but i think they are pretty nice. I know they didn’t include heavy rap or rough singing like other songs but the melody is so soothing and calm. Suga actually wrote TELEPATHY in 30 mins only, which shows his dedication for music and Taehyung wrote his actual legit feelings in BLUE AND GREY, which also shows the same thing. And many armies liked the album which is great and i can understand how happy bts must be to be where they are today. And MANY people i know are confused at why bts released NOT TODAY which is really rough and fast after SPRING DAY which has a really sad tune to it, so basically they did that because the meanings of both songs are very similar, the meaning behind spring day is that they don’t want ARMY to leave them like how the spring days left them, and not today means they will not stop doing what they love for ARMY today because they don’t want to leave them and that if they fail, it won’t be today.

Anyways i’m sorry for making you read all that and, LOVE YOU BTS💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


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