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🎮Entry for : #kookies_chocolate2kcontest
Held by : @kookies_chocolate

🎮Hi guys, how are y’all? Hopefully fine. Can i just say, this pic was almost impossible to find, it may look like a common pic but seriously it wasn’t common at all. Soobin and Oh my girls’ Arin are new MC’s for music bank, congradulations to them👏🏻

🎮School is gonna start coming week, can’t wait for anxiety and stress to come back😒 i’ll defenitely post less from coming week but i’ll try to post for my followers☺️

🎮Ok so i know that no one reads descriptions except for my friends but i still have to say, there is a gachatuber(i’m sure y’all know what gacha is) called rosey closy and she collaborated with Arc North, Rival and Robbie Rosen to make a song called ‘Loved with your love’ and OMG it’s amazing, i’m sure you will like it, pls check it out. It was released on Dec 18, and the aura and melody is just amazinggg❤️😍


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🎮LOVE Y’ALL SOO MUCH❤️❤️❤️, hope you have an amazing and lovely day/night and remember to stay safe as both mental and physical health is really important😷

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