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🤍 hiiii so i my main account Image by read bio-



so i my main account got restricted again- idk why- its getting annoying- picsart is really getting on my nerves - i just heard from brook that someone got there comments taken away- picsart is being really unfair and rude to people its not even funny any more- so please spread the word about what happened-

and on a better note ig
i did a name change :)
its going to be ash but u can still call me riri or ari :3

i did a name change because i needed a fresh start and idk anyone on picsart who is named ash so yea
so please go unfollow my main (im probaly gonna delete it)

@fqngirling- @g4yfl4v0r3dpvffb4r <3 @tomholland_wife @awhswt- @peachyfuhl #pasucks