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🪶Entry for : #baee_elimination
Held by : @irenebaee-

(I usually make seperate edits for contests but just to save time)

🪶Hey guys, school has started and it’s amazing😒🙄(my sarcasm sucks, sorry about that). I tried a gothic look on yeji if you can tell, but i’m still getting there. Also, I.N released a new song ‘maknae on top’ [막내 운 텁] (i’m not sure if i spelled it correctly) and it’s ft. Changbin and Bang chan. It’s not bad, chatchy and a lot of autotune. It was released i think last week, not sure.

🪶En- also won the ‘rookie kings of the year award’ with only 2 weeks of debut, amazing and the way they talk about bts is sooooo cute even thought they aren’t exactly from the same group, and once again an australian is in the group and he is the first australian to be in bighit😶. And i can’t believe the youngest of n- is 15!!! Like whattttt! That’s my age. But he sure is talented. And i heard that bighit is carrying another global audition in australia cuz they are gonna for the first girl group soon that might become ‘the next bts or blackpink’ (that’s what it said as the title of the new).

🪶I hope y’all stay healthy and safe, thank you for always supporting me. LOVE YOU GUYS!!🖤🖤🖤


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