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chaeryeong itzy dancer Image by 🌌Love yourself!🖌

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🍸Hey guys, i only have one more member to edit which is Lia, and i’ll post that maybe the day after tomorrow. But i just wanted to finish Chaeryeong cuz it was really hard to find a pic so when i did i edited it immediately.

🍸Also i never knew the song ‘sweet night’ was by Taehyung until the day before yesterday when he got an award or something for it. So the song was for Itaewon class and i haven’t watched it but i’ve heard that it’s good. I’m actually really behind, i haven’t even watched ‘true beauty’.

And Rosé released a teaser for her solo debut, i’m sooooooo excited cuz i absolutely adore her and her voice (p.s who doesn’t...?). I heard that people were saying Chaeryeong didn’t meet Koreas beauty standards. What? Ok so i know Korea has beauty standards but i feel that’s rude in a way, not meaning to harm anyone but just an opinion. But even though she didn’t meet them they selected her because of her personality and takent which is fair.

🍸LOVE Y’ALL SOOOO MUCH💜💜💜💜stay safe and strong💪🏻



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