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arts drawing digitalart Image by DTIYS over

β₯ This is for @yeasty_honeybee
β₯ I thought the hair was pretty interesting. I’ve never seen anybody with polka dotted hair. I kind of struggled with it but it was pretty fun to color. (Weird fact, while I was sketching, I made her forehead ginormous).

β₯ I also really dislike putting watermarks so just for the next few art requests I’m going to put my signature instead. (And for some people, please don’t crop it out. The only person who can is the art requester).

β₯ Anyway, sorry if I’ve been posting these slowly. I’m trying to balance schoolwork, my social life, and drawing, but don’t worry I’m doing my best to get all these done πŸ˜…πŸ‘

Β« β‹…Κšβ™‘Ιžβ‹… Β»

β₯ 𝔸𝕑𝕑 𝕦𝕀𝕖𝕕

β₯ π•‹π•šπ•žπ•– π•‹π•’π•œπ•–π•Ÿ
5 hours 6 minutes

β₯ 𝕋𝕠𝕠𝕝 𝕦𝕀𝕖𝕕

β₯ 𝔹𝕣𝕦𝕀𝕙𝕖𝕀 𝕦𝕀𝕖𝕕
Sketch: Dip Pen (Hard)
LineArt: Watercolor (Point)
Shading: Pen (Fade)
Airbrush (trapezoid 40%)

Β« β‹…Κšβ™‘Ιžβ‹… Β»

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ℕ𝕠π•₯𝕖 ➭ And please go follow my best friend @faithy0105 ! If you want a laugh go check her out! She posts some funny memes!

❌ Reminder please don’t steal my art and if you’re going to use it for inspiration or anything else please give credit. That would be much appreciated!! Thank you!! ❌

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