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eri bluehair animie haventwached Image by ﹤୨🛁୧﹥

#freetoeditH ɪʜɪ!

Two posts in one day? Crap-
Ahhhhh yes this is Eri from !My Hero Academia!
I prob wrote that wrong✨

No i havent wached it- dont come for me😍 but i really wanna

But look at the bby😍😍😍😍😍😍

!! I am changing my username to @-s0ggy twomorrow !!

AHHhhahahahahah i am waiting for an uptate and i am super exsided but i am aslo tired and fucked up-😳
So i guess i will take it twomorrow👍🏻💞

Okok. I am really bored and i wanna do smth-
So if ur reading this Q&A!!!!!! so here it how it goes-
1. Ask a question in the comments (can be personal😳)
2. I will answer them with no edit just my carecter in public post👍🏻
3. I will answer them Tirsday bc then i have my oc back😍😍😍

Aki i am getting fucked up-

Biye my love birds💞
Can like enybody date me?

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Ily littel mother flipper even tho u dont answer me 😍😍💞❤️💞💞💞🔪 @-astxrism___

I will tagg more ppl twomorrow🔥

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#remixed from @beat-the-snakeu