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kpop jeongin skz Image by GOLDEN CHILD COMEBACK AAAAA

hi um i actually posted πŸ§β€β™€οΈ
i hope you guys are doing well, i know that only around 20 people read this description and see the post in general so if you're reading this, hi :) i hope you like my jeongin edit? it's been a while since i've edited a manip so i hope this is ok <3

i cannot believe i have to go back to school a week from tomorrow. it just feels unreal. i havent talked to anyone apart from my best friend and my close friends (so like two people ngl) and i'm having mixed emotions about it? i know i shouldn't stress, but surely if the country was safe enough to return i wouldnt have to get a test every week right? i just feel uneasy about the situation and tbh my classmates are kind of annoying. i also have a piano exam when i go back and gotta compose music when i go back ..sorry if that was a lot to read i just have a lot on my mind :) there's also a lot going on in the kpop industry right now so just make sure you rest easy.

⌜edit info⌟
time taken: 2 hours 30 mins approx
inspo: idk
creds: to the wing sticker owner and the gate sticker owner
idol: yang jeongin (i.n)
group: stray kids
song: eyes on you - golden child and maknae on top
type of edit: manipulation
date: 28th of february
time atm: 22:05 england

#notfreetoedit #kpop #jeongin #skz #straykids #skz #skzjeongin #instraykids

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