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addison addi Sticker by 🎉Celebs overload 🎉

#freetoeditOpen !!!!!

Haven't done this in agessss

Hope u guys like the thing I'm doin with the celebs!

Sorry there's a lot of kpop but I do squeeze in a few other pop people!

Shout-out train time!

。◕‿◕。 @airilovesblackpink thanks for liking my posts! Your awesome!

。◕‿◕。 @hiyapandya omg well done for getting over 206 followers and u should call them hiyarmy bc it's a cool name! And thanks for being awesome!

。◕‿◕。 @aesthetic_soft_anime I love your pfp!

。◕‿◕。 @farzanezeynal LOVE the pfp!


。◕‿◕。 @cartoonsandcelebs thanks for liking my posts really fast! And u have a very creative mind!

Thanks to the above!! Go follow them all they are awesome!

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Just before you guys go here are the hashtags and tags!
#addisonrae #addison #addi #addisontext #text #white #addisoneasterling #addisoneasterlingrae #whiteasthetic #astheticwhite #whiteaesthetic #aestheticwhite

Thanks for opening!

Bai bai!