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sorry - Ik Image by JπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆl she/theyl ilyl u r valid

Ik I keep changing and yall are probably finding it really annoying but idm of I wanna quit like- idk it’s not as nice as it was and like I don’t feel the enjoyment as much yk when you a few likes on your post and ur so hype about it things like that I don’t get that or a follow it’s like omg wow u don’t feel that so- I feel like I should quit. Lately everything has been so draining and I just had a new description and then PicsArt decided it would make it violate guidelines. Like I feel useless as though I’m just being a burden to yall do I might quit I’m sorry I’m this is annoying but it’s annoying to me to I just don’t even know anymore like- πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜”πŸ’” @jibbyedits is EdItInG...
Here’s an amazing person @me
πŸ’šMy Future:

πŸ–€Bad Guy:
Pansexual, Demigirl
Stans Billie Eilish πŸ’šπŸ–€
Watches, Marvel, Gloom, Laurenzside, Pokimane, Yammy, dangthatsalongname :)

πŸ’šExtra: ly stay strong eat sleep and drink! Use hashtags on posts. This is a safe acc for anyone racism homophobia etc is not appreciated this is SAFE for all communities :)

πŸ–€Therefore I am (accs): @billie_-eilish @glcssy_popstars @stophatingg @amqzeluhv
πŸ’š: idols:
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πŸ–€: cinco amigas
* @miasedits13 * @luna_granger_25 * @-hermionestyles * @asunaeditsxx * @jibbyedits * @cincoamigas_help
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πŸ’—: @cloudyquotes (ilysm your so kind like omgggg)
πŸ’—: @thesunwillshineagain (hunny please your amazing and so funny lyyy)
πŸ’—: @anna__edits (ur to kind βœ‹ and beautiful ily)
πŸ’—: @olivia_celloplayer (where did the beauty come Fromm lyyyy)
πŸ’—: @stay_happy_levi (hun ily stay strong)
πŸ’—: @ts_luver (ur talent like omg ilysmmm)
πŸ’—: @alizeditz (my sisπŸ’— hunny ilysmmmm more than you love me your such a queen)
πŸ’—: @miasedits13 (your so kindddd ily)
πŸ’—: @demon13x (irl friend)
πŸ’—: @liphyedits (my irl sis)
πŸ’—: @lunchickenedits (irl friend)
*NOT JOINABLE* (FYI my ibfs are the best people ever, AND FOLLOW THEM RN)
(if you wanna be my ibf just talk to me)

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😈 sassy peeps comment to join:
😈: @xgrogu_is_my_childx
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😈: @strawxberry64 😈: @-vellichxrr
😈: @icey_hot_official

🦊animal lovers comment to join:
🦊: @galaxywolfdragon
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🎀: @stophatingg
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🎀: @saloom-art
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🎭: @stophatingg
🎭: @obsessed_with_marvel
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πŸ‘‘: @lrmarchetti3
πŸ‘‘: @emilyjohnson1998
πŸ‘‘: @vhs_x_dove
πŸ‘‘: @editz_by_press
πŸ‘‘: @youcanbeanything
πŸ‘‘: @celeb_arts
πŸ‘‘: @african_art_girl
πŸ‘‘: @fabricalsewing
πŸ‘‘: @cocopuff1958
πŸ‘‘: @my_hero_academia_07
πŸ‘‘: @ilyniche
πŸ‘‘: @miasedits13
πŸ‘‘: @hungryforgames- πŸ‘‘: @maritina58
REMEMBER @me is amazing!

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