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peter parker peterparker mj Image by 👾 :: 𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐑

↷scαr is melting¡!
❀.. from Chris Hemsworth’s beauty
##🪡🌸 末あア

✿ • ✿ • ✿ • note(´• ♡︎ •`):: new desc and new theme lol im rlly proud of this 😩 pls put ur taglist in the comments and remix it would mean so much first person who does it gets a shoutout

##🪡🌸 末あア
⌁ 𑁍🍦celeb:: peter and mj
👚 ೃ 𖤐 dαte:: 7/26/21
⌁ 𑁍 🥣 cr/ib:: @/juliqas-fqndoms for the inspo
🧼 ೃ 𖤐 fc:: 922
##🪡🌸 末あア
Desc credit: @chatty_celebrities ##🪡🌸 末あア
🍦 ೃ 𖤐 sotd:: jealousy, jealousy - olivia rodrigo
⌁ 𑁍👚 lyrics:: but jealousy, jealousy
started followin’ me
started followin’ me
and i see everyone gettin’ all the things i want
and im happy for them, but then again, im jot
just cool vintage clothes and vacation photis
i cant stand it, oh god, i sound crazy

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