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venus venususerchange Image by venus misses you :(

hi,, hello !! so i changed my username today :)) im very scared bc it just scares me like what if ppl dont like it or am i changing my user too much ?!:?/!:?2£: but im alright and i done it and its over !!! so my new user is @nishimyoui its just a mix or riki and minas last names bc i luv them !! what do you think of it?? also if you see this can you pls change my user in ur tags ?? thank you <3

𓈃 ♡THER L♡CATI♡NS 🐮@fairiki @choifilms @/chaercam … pin !
@/venusverse … whi !
entermyloveland. carrd .co … carrd !

ᯤ .. my citizens !! 💒 @yerimeko — wife of fifty years @j097h — the absolute sweetest @jjukkyumi — best bestie ?! @wayvisions — editor of the year @jungkookarchive — ur so supportive <3 @dustymjn — shyan my icon @jeonvnights — stan amber rn !! @misunique — my bae misu <3
ᯤ .. my visitors !! 🍧 @tae-kookiie @farari18 @maridescently @3taetenmochi3 @pastel_junkook @bts_esha @august_rand @pink_-mochi @xia0chjun_99 @milly_mill @rosie-xoxo @-rqinbcw- @rikiyomi @pinkchaes @softiie_ @volente926 @koodenry @cherryy_soda @_queenlisa_ @kpopmidzy_ @taekooknochu @yeonjuuuunie @torong_yoongmin @softierxsie_ @ethxreal_arxhq @-loonatic @chulinx @kyusgarden- @-goresoo @patygabymendes @_soft-minariennie @solely_kook @sqrryhoon @dubusncw @yuckieggu @felixmyboy @milk-tae @loonatheuniverse- @lluejven @diorfelix- @nini_angelx @hihiyeon @jeonvnights @angelsiew @taes_shoes @renjvnity- @awhkatie- @jupiterkook @theaditisharma @__clstiqlstqrs @nini_anglex @vivienne_bts @rxckjune @l0on4th3w0rld @wcndermiya @fqiryyoon- @scftgayeon @-eshakookie- @lujeno @hwanix_ @kim_heyin #nishimyoui #venus #venususerchange !!

♡ — thanks for your stay at venus’s loveland !
do come back soon ! see you all <3  ֗ ִ  ּ ۪  ⊹ 🍦