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oc character demon art Image by carotid arteries ü

working on this ^_^
I’m putting extra effort into it!
for those who didn’t know this is one of my OCs, Taro, and I felt specially attached to him yesterday???
so yup here they is!
I was drawing it when I felt a bit down.
NOW tysm for almost 100 followers!!
you are all so kind!
I really appreciate you all.
I used to have a lot of issues with my other account which had more followers than this one because of a misunderstanding and since then I got kinda scared of people lol.
I feel a bit anxious but I feel okay today!
tysm for being there.
oh btw would you want me to make a taglist?
it’s pretty hard for me to keep up w that but anything for my dear followers! /pos
#taro #oc #character #demon #art #drawing #traditional