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tutorial picsart editedbyme edited Image by Edje010

A cool and short #tutorial how I did my previous edit for @natasupernova

1. Take the picture you want and open draw
2. Take the eraser and erase the inside from
Your subject and leave a little bit of the side.
3. Then take the stickers or photos what ever you want, and place them all in a separate layer so you can move them around wherever you want. Make sure you keep the original pic on the top layer.
4. Now you save and share your creations on picsart or first you can do a fx on it.
5. Just have fun with It and leave a comment if you used my tutorial.
#madewithpicsart #picsart #editedbyme #edited #editstepbystep #clipart #picsartvip #tutorial #quicktip #quicktips