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A new imagine... Image by 𝕤𝕞𝕖𝕩𝕪 𝕖𝕩𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕝𝕖𝕤

A new imagine...

“Sup Ria?” Jordan asks me when I get out of my car.
“Nothing much. I’m tired though, luckily it’s the last day of school.” I say to her with a glad tone. This year was the worst ever. Even worse than eighth grade, when my first real boyfriend broke up with me. Very emotional. Freshman year was full of thots and petty people. And this year was a disaster. But everyone says junior year is supposed to be the worst of all. I’ve never been more unprepared for something. I’m usually a very organized person. My room, my desk, everything has to be in order. Everybody says I’m OCD, but I don’t think it’s that bad... or is it? Anyway, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Victoria, but everybody calls me Ria. I’m your normal, crazy, outgoing girl. Not everybody in the school knows me, but a good majority. I play volleyball for the varsity... I’m pretty good if I do say so myself. I have two amazing best friends, Jordan, whom I’ve been friends with since fourth grade, my ride or die sister, and Cassie, the “newbie.” I only call her a newbie because we all started hanging out in eighth grade when Cassie moved here to California, and we all instantly clicked. I love going to parties, even though I’m not actually old enough to do anything legally but whatever. It doesn’t really matter. I mean, it’s Cali, who doesn’t drink illegally? Anyway, my life is definitely one of the messiest things on the planet, but it’s something I can’t fix. Sadly, my father is indeed an alcoholic and does indeed abuse me and my sister. But I try to keep a smile on my face everyday knowing the truth that no one else has to know. Except for Jordan and Cassie. They are the only two people who know about my mom. She died ten years ago in a car wreck on the way to deliver Vanessa, my sister. It was a miracle that the medics got my mother to the hospital in time and they still were able to get V out. It was difficult, but they did it and now I have my baby sister. Well, not baby sister, but my 10 year old sister. She’s 10, I’m 15, and we never fight. My friends all have little siblings too and they all fight. Jordan always asks how I get along with my sis while she’s “over here, arguing with her brother once again.” It’s funny, but not funny, ya dig? Oh, that’s something I say a lot. And when I say a lot, i mean, A LOT. Anyways, it’s funny hearing all the stories about normal families and how they fight and stuff, but it’s not funny knowing the reality of having my kind of family. My poor baby sister, having to live her whole life with a father who is always drunk, never listens, and wants to get rid of her. He got so drunk once when I was taking care of Vanessa a few years ago, he wanted to rape me. It’s horrible the kind of life I have to live but I do it all with a smile. It may be difficult, but I have my besties to help me get through it.
“You have to come with me. Like, have to. I’m literally forcing you.” I juts then realized that Jordan was talking the whole time.
“What? I wasn’t listening.”
“At least you’re straight forward. Anyways, I was saying that there’s a football game tonight and a party afterwards. My boyfriend, Jonah, is going to be there.”
“Wait, stop right there. You, have, boyfriend.” You say, gasping between words in a sarcastic manner.
“Yes, a boyfriend. Jonah Marais. Surprising, I know, but he’s super cute and has four other really cute friends. He and his friends are on the football team.”
“Yeah, and you’re telling me this why?”
“Because, Ria. Don’t you get it? You finally have a chance at a-“
“Don’t. You. Say. It.”
“Ugh... you know what happened last time. I don’t want it to reoccur. I’m sorry but I won’t be getting a boyfriend anytime soon. Topic change. I love parties. Either way, you know I was gonna say yes to that. What should I wear, when do I come, give me the deets.”
“Ok, um.. wear something ‘appropriate’ for a school party, not something you’d wear out to all your weird club parties. There’s gonna be a lot of people there, almost the whole school. Minus the freshmen, they don’t know about it. So.. I’ll meet you outside your house at 7:30 sharp. We can go to the game, go back to our houses, and get to the party.”
“Who’s driving?”
“What do you mean? We’re walking there.”
“Oh no honey, I’m gonna be wearing heels, I can’t walk in those torture machines.”
“Then don’t wear heels.”
“What else would I wear? Plus, they look sexier.”
“Whatever.” Then I notice that the entire time we’ve been talking, we’ve also been walking towards school. Then as I look back at Jordan, I accidentally run into someone. “I’m so sorry.”
“Oh, it’s fine. Not the first time a beautiful girl like you has bumped into me.” I’ve never seen this dude before.
“Oh.. um- that’s kind of weird.”
“I meant it as a compliment, you’re very pretty. My name is Daniel. Nice to meet you.”
“I’m Victoria, and thank you. I love your hair. It’s so different and so unique.”
“Are you calling it ugly?”
“Oh, no. Not at all. I was-“
“Only joking. So um, are you coming to the football game tonight?”
“Yeah, I’m being forced. But I’m also gonna be at the party. I absolutely love parties.” Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I’m really social. I make friends really fast.
“Oh, do you now? Well, do you need a ride?” I could see what he was doing. He’s not very good at flirting but I can tell he’s trying. Should I mess with him and be sarcastic or honestly respond and comply with his flirtation?

That question at the end is what I mean of an interactive imagine. Answer my question in the comments, majority wins, and you’re answer could totally change the story, so choose wisely.