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gachalife gacha life Image by might quit idk

Additional info below ☟︎

Hopefully you can read my handwriting 😅

Alex enjoys anything that has to do with the outdoors. He loves the sun, flowers, animals, and forests..He finds comfort being around nature. When he was younger he used to sit in trees when his parents would fight..It was his way of feeling better, being around nature.

Alex dislikes cold weather, rain, fighting, loud noises, and people who disrespect nature.😡

He has a skin pigmentation that he’s nsecure about, he’s been picked on for it multiple times. :(

That’s it lol. Feel free to rp, though! :D


Some pretty cool ppl 😳😎 : @-__angelic__- @hewo_its_meh_owu @xxgalaxy_foxx @-_snail_- @-sxftie- @lgbtq_are_legends @b-u-m-b-l-e_b-e-e @-_bxby_- @-alm0ndxmiilk-
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