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❤️Akuma's Bio❤️

Name: Akuma/Kye
(Depends on color)

Sex: Female

Species: (Deceased) Boundmon

About species:
Boundmons are cat-like monsters with sharp fangs that hang over their lips. They are black cats with a white cheast. Their ears, eyes, and paws are red. They have fire tails that tell how strong they are. If the tailbis long, that means they are healthy. If its short, they are weak and sick. If their tail is fluffy and wide, they are strong and fierce. If their tail is thin, they are weak.

Level: Champion

Age: Unknown

Birthday: November 27, year unknown

DeathDate: July 7, year unknown

Digivolve Line:
(All Deceased)

Akuma lived a peaceful life with her Mother, Twin Sister Shi and her Older Brother Shinu. She was a Mistmon at the time, just a little baby, when humans came and destroyed her whole world.
Her Mother warned her and her sinlings about Hunters stalking the Autumn Woods for Digimon pelts, so the children had to hid when footsteps were heard. They were surrounded by a group of five Hunters, rifles pointed at them from all angles. Her Mother lunged at one, but they fired a bullet that nailed her skull, and exploded her brains out. Her children were shocked and afraid for their own lives. Shinu attempted to protect Akuma and Shi, but was caputured in the process, and was shot in the head. Shi ran away, and Akuma was by herself. The Hunters were able to net her easily, since she was a small Delta Digimon. They threw her into the back of a pick-up truck and drove off. After a few horrifying minutes, Akuma relized what was going to happen to her; death. They truck stopped in front of an old creepy building. It was a labortory, Akuma's Mother told her everything about these buildings; this is where Monsters and Digimons alike die a horrible death. The trunk opened and the Hunters grabbed Akuma's net and took her into the building. This is where Akuma saw the real deal with Science. She heard Monster wails from all directions, she even saw her own Sister their with her eyes taken out. The Human Hunters placed Akuma in a table, where she was chained down, and realsed from the net. They injected some solution that forced her to digivovle into Minimusmon, the dark version of her normal evolution. They injected into her again and firced her to digivolve into Boundmon, but one with strange stripes. They soon started working on her. They gouged her right eye out, and skinned her jaw to reavel bone. Right after, they bleached her right ear. Full of pain and terror, Akuma cried for help. One man, who was named Dr. Otima, had attempted to stop the murder. He was shoved out of the way, and Akuma was cut and gutted. They only left her heart for an unknown reason. She died soon after due to lack of oxygen.
A week later, she came back, full of anger and vengence. She came to the same labatory that she was killed in, and murdered every human in sight, except Dr. Otima, the man who attempted to save her life. She lead him away from the fire and lived with him afterwards. They became great friends.
Ten years later, Otima had a daughter named Kyrim, but his loved one, his wife, died during child birth. His little girl was his while world, including Akuma's. Sadly, his daughter died at age two. Akuma and Otima was in pain of loss.
Because he was a scientist, he was going to attenpt a procedure that no one had ever done; reive a human. He ask Amuma if he could place Kye's soul into her body. She agreed and let the Scientist do his thing. The procedure worked! Kye can communitcate through Akuma. Years later, when Kye was fourteen, she could take over Akuma's body, if Akuma's spirit allowed it. If Akuma's stripes and eye is blue and yellow, Kye is talking and is moving around. If the stripes are blue and purple and the eye is red, it's Akuma. If Akuma and Kye fight for control, which rarely happens, both are harmed and paralized for a little, and Akuma will always come into control right after that.
They can also split into two Boundmons with their corresponding colors. But if they stay separated for too long, they start to lose health and can died.
When Akuma digivolves into Ladyboundmon or Nightmareboundmon, Kye cannot communicate through Akuma until she is a Boundmon again. She also cannot communicate through Akuma if she is a Mistmon or Minimusmon.

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