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Alright so my dad took my dog to the Image by ac7325

Alright so my dad took my dog to the groomer today and he goes Lexi guess what and I go what? He goes the lady that owns the grooming business her 20 yr old son that works there guess who he looks like. I go who? Prepare urselfs he goes that guy you're in love with I go Harry Styles? He goes ya he has the same hair and style and I go oh lord dad I'm sorry but ur a disappointment rn lol. I go dad I like Harry for his personality and my mom goes you don't even know him personally and I go ya but the fandom knows him pretty well obviously we don't know everything but we know for sure Harry's a sweetheart and good person. I go dad I'm sorry but there is not one man like Harry and that's facts. Ya u can copy someones style that doesn't mean you're that person. They're 2 different people there's only one of Harry and there always will be one Harry there is no other like him! I'm sorry that got me laughing the fact they say that they think I might like the groomer guy just bc he looks like harry lol I like Harry bc Harry is Harry and his personality is beautiful and adorable. πŸ˜‚β€

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