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gacha gachalife gachaedit hairshading pa Image by uwu

Apps: IbisPaint X (IbisPaint) Gachalife (Gacha club, gachaverse)

1. Go to Gachalife and take a screenshot of your oc or some hair- idk.
2. Enter IbisPaint X (IbisPaint).
3. Import your picture straight away or make a canvas and import it there.
4. Add a new layer and turn the blending mode to "Multiply".
5. Press on the magic wand and select on all the hair.
6. Scroll down and find the brush: Round brush (Point) and press on it to use it. (I think that’s what the brush is called ;-;).
7. Press eye dropper and press on the hair the get the colour of it.

This is going to be about the hair colour. For example: If you had the colour hair yellow (blonde). You will have to make the colour darker because it is a very bright light colour. If you have black then you won’t need to turn on the blending mode to multiply you can just easily get the hair colour and turn it to full black. If the hair colour has 2 colours. That doesn’t matter. You only use the hair colour in the middle.

8. With the Round brush (Point). Start making lines in the hair thinking of wear the hair would go. If it was some long hair pointing the the bottom, then you should probably draw some straight lines and the bit pointing to the bottom. If your oc hair didn’t have a fringe, then the hair could be going left or right. (Changing brush size is always a good strategy).
9. After that. Go back to layers and you can change the opacity of the layer. ( I suggest 20-40).
10. Remove the selection area so you can see how the hair looks like by then if you like it. If you don’t like it. Don’t keep adding on the layer. Press the arrow pointing to the left so the magic wand is back and keep adding.
11. When you finished adding, make a new layer and turn the blending mode to "Add".
12. Scroll down or something to find Felt Tip Pen (soft).
13. Make sure you have the colour hair (If it’s 2 hair colours you should have the middle colour right now).
14. You can take the straight ruler of you want and put it across the hair.
15. Change the brush size if you wish and then make 1 line across the middle of the hair with the middle hair colour. Make sure the size of it is not too big or else it would look bad. I suggest using 20.10-40(If your hair is 2 colours I always start with the middle colour).
16. Next take the blur tool and put the size to the biggest size you can.
17. Go across the line you just made with the blur tool to blend it in. (This might need to ruler).
18. Do the same after. If you have 2 colour hair, get the other colour of the hair and do the same with what you’ve done with the middle. (At least 3 lines would be good). If your oc has short hair then maybe 1-2 lines would be good.
19. When you’ve finished remove the selection layer and then you have it!

I hope you understand this! I know, it’s a lot to take in. Your hair shading would be better too just to say. I haven’t done this style in such a long time -w-

I have many more hair shading styles! Comment above if you’d like to see more hair shading styles or eyes or skin or clothes. I don’t really know how to do clothes so yea. Anyway, byeeeee!

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