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#art #watercolor #painting #interesting #creative They help her flow they Love her soul
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Hello my dear sweetheart. It is so nice to see you again dear!!!!@dawnlois . I don't really know what to tell you about your situation, but, when we are going through a stormy weather, it is good to concentrate our energy in positive and healing factors. Th
This was a very helpful one for me my dear. We all need to look for our escapes. When I am in my room creating I am touching the sky with my arms. That kind of feeling it is amazing. I had never experienced something like that before. @dawnlois . So, look for
Something like that. I know , you know how to do it my dear. It would be nice if we could connect on Facebook. @dawnlois . I am here weathever you need me dear. Sending you love, peace, good vibes. You will be ok soon. I can see your smile dear friend ♡ sweet

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