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kpop kpopidol kpopedit Image by posting hiatus sorry

Aye new edittt☺️💗
I wanted to wait a bit before posting this but we hit 700 today so its a gift(apart from yangyangs rose lol) from me to you guys!

i hope you like it, i worked really hard on it🥺

👛aesthetic= pink&elegant ig
👛person= Onda- Jo Serim- Everglow
👛my grade= oo im happy with how it looks, ima go with aaaa bittt less than 9/10
👛fave part= def the eyesss and i like the bangs too
👛hashtags= #kpop #kpopidol #kpopedit #onda #ondaeverglow #everglow #everglowedit #everglowonda #joserim #manipulationedit 👛creds= AESTAETIC on yt for tutorials i watched to make this and myself for the polarr filter 👀
👛time taken= welp the app says 2hrs 50mins
👛apps= ibis paint x and polarr
👛more= the lips are kinda messed up its hard to do theemmm
oh its so satisfying to have a diff user on the watermark sjhsjk

👛song= Monster by Irene and Seulgi yash
👛note=thank you for 700 followers again uwu


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