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yuna shinyuna itzyyuna Image by posting hiatus sorry

Ayee new edit❣️I’ve been working on this one for so darn loonggg it was a struggle and im glad i finished it
🍒type: manip
🍒aesthetic: red ig
🍒time taken: like a week but in total 4hrs 40mins 🥴 i messed with the hair sm i had like 52 different layers and i still managed go fuck it up but its fine now
🍒grade: aah idk its not my fave but it couldve been worse so 8/10
🍒fave part: liipssss and nose highlights tehe
🍒person: Yuna (Shin Yuna) - Itzy
🍒hashtags: #yuna #shinyuna #itzyyuna #itzy #kpop #kpopedit #manip #manipulationedit
🍒contests: @ariana_editz7 @itszzy_limelight #bestiescontest @___soojin #___soojinniecontest- @pastel_jxndeukie @irenebaee- #baee_elimination @im_walking #im_walkingcontest @lcvingjeongin #swaggycontest hope yall like it🥺
🍒apps: ibis paint x, polarr, pa
🍒creds: polarr filter but i dont remeber which one i used srry
🍒more: hdr and filter saved this edit (ik i say this often but its true) it looked disappointing without them

🍒mood: 😌
🍒song: unpredictable by victon oml i love that album sm stan victon
🍒note: vote on sma for treasure roty and skz main award and vote on music shows to give treasure their first win!

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