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jisoo kimjisoo jisookim Image by posting hiatus sorry

Ayoo new editttt😗💜
I’m not sure how to feel about this one?? I’ve working on it for soo long and i was trying so hard to add more things so it doesn’t look boring but did i suceed? Not so sure... AnYwAyS

☂️type: aesthetic?? edit
☂️aesthetic: i have no clue, lights, pink, kinda fantasy, retro???
☂️time taken: three days oop but in total maybe 2.30 hours :/
☂️my grade: 7.5/10
☂️creds: POLARR FILTER LITERALLY SAVED THIS EDIT 🙇‍♀️and owners of stickers obv
☂️more: hope yall like it💜
☂️hashtags: #jisoo #kimjisoo #jisookim #jisooblackpink #blackpink #bp #blackpinkjisoo #blackpinkedit #aesthetic #retro #lights #pink #pinklights Personal:
☂️mood: 🤨
☂️song: daisy- pentagon omggg what a masterpieceeekeknddiou
☂️note: i gotta do hw ughhh

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