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octoexpansion agent3 help Image by ⭐️PanCeph⭐️

But really. Good luck to those out there trying to beat Inner Agent 3! I have a few tips tho! When the battle starts, before 3 comes in, rush behind the cylinder to the right. Wait for her finish her splasdown on entrance and while running from the autobomb, strike her down before her inkjet. A while later, in her third stage, she’ll activate her bomb launcher. Run around the stage and try not to get cornered by autobombs. When she is done, rush at her before she does the special again. In the fifth stage, dance aroubd the cylinder shaped barrier, and hide in ink when she splashdowns on the opposite side. Then get her into a corner and finish her up. Im only describing the odd stages, because the 2nd (bubbles, shes vulnerable while blowing them) and 4th (tenta missles, just toss 2 bombs, must be in a row.)stages are easy enough. Again, good luck! #octoexpansion #agent3 #help #freetoedit