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Chapter 1, part Image by ♡Jordan♡

Chapter 1, part 2
The buffet was amazing. Why would he do this? I shrugged off the thought since this will probably be a one time thing...
Once I was done eating breakfast I went upstairs to get ready. It has to be nice, but casual. After I finished rummaged through my closet for about 15 minutes, I finally found the perfect first day of school outfit. I put it on then ran to do my hair and makeup. I looked in the mirror once I was done, took a selfie and posted it then put jewelry on to cover up the bruise. Even though I tried my best with my makeup I didn't want anyone finding out. I grab my keys, bag, and phone ...damn it I forgot that mom texted me last night. I quickly opened up my phone to read the text. Almost immediately, I fell to the ground crying. Mom was moving out. I ran to her and dad's room with tears filling my eyes.  It wasn't a dream, mom had left. But why? I continued crying till dad shouted, "KENNEDY WHY THE HELL ARE YOU CRYING THIS TIME" I got up off the ground and walked past him, out the door, to my car. "If my day couldn't get any better" I mumbled as I started my car. I pull out of the driveway, with everything possible on my mind, and start my journey to the first day of school.

     As I had just arrived at school I remembered how miserable my life was last year. Where the boys were all greedy for sex. The girls would normally give it to them too because they 'loved each other' or something. But there were a few boys who weren't like that. They just wanted to have someone to make them happy. Unfortunately, Tristan isn't one of those boys. He loves his girls without personality, just all the booty. Tracy is sweet though, he's different. Tristan and Tracy are the only set of twins at our school over in North Lake. I was knocked out of my daze by running into someone while I was wandering off from my car. Instead of just moving on with life though he decided to stop me. "Hey umm…." he said waiting for a response. "I'm Kennedy" I said annoyed. "Ah Kennedy yes. Anyway, I'm new here. Got any tips?" he asked me shyly. "Stay away from anybody who doesn't have a book bag first off, that's already a bad sign." I said slightly laughing because of how stupid that statement was. "Interesting start. Oh I'm Ryan by the way" he said as I looked up at the talk brunette with greenish-blue eyes. He was beautiful. Like an actual movie star come to life. "So you're schedule?" I asked hoping to spend more time with him by showing him around. As Ryan was digging in his pocket I just admired how is chocolate brown hair swooped down perfectly over his forehead. He finally found it and when he looked up we made eye contact. I took the beautiful boys schedule and we were off to first period.....
So that's it for part 2 of chapter 1. Let me know what you guys think about it so far. Also this might be my last post for a while since band camp is starting tomorrow. I'll still try to post regularly tho. Much love, Jordan❤

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