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Chapter 1, part Image by ♡Jordan♡

Chapter 1, part 3
As Ryan was digging in his pocket I just admired how is chocolate brown hair swooped down perfectly over his forehead. He finally found it and when he looked up we made eye contact. I took the beautiful boys schedule and we were off to first period.
Eventually school was over. Thankfully, but it wasn't that bad. As is walked out to my car with Ryan I saw Tristan skate by with a new chick. I shook it off though because I didn't really have a choice since he was one of my best friends. All of a sudden I turned around to find myself in the ground. I laugh at myself as Ryan straddles over me. He helps me up then once we get to my car we part ways. "See ya tomorrow" he said with his perfect brace face. How is he so dreamy? Ugh. I can't fall for him though, I just met him. I mean he could be a total jerk, but who knows? As I drive off toward home I remembered I was supposed to take Tracy. Shoot. I called him,"Kennedy!" he said and I could feel his smile through the phone. I felt guilt almost immediately pile up. I hadn't even seen him yet today, what happened to me? He's my best friend. I turned around,"Hey Tracy I'll be at school in a few. I'm sorry-" "Hey it's ok don't worry about it. I just skated home today" he said and I almost teared up. I'm losing my friends because of a stupid boy. "Ok Tray" I said. "I love you, see you at our spot?" he said, I could hear the hopefulness in his voice. "Of course Tray! See ya then" I said as I turn around again. I drive to our spot which we haven't been to in a while. Pulling into my regular parking spot where later Tracy would pull up, I remember all the memories and smile to myself. Looking at the road that is now gravel, the smell of old gasoline. It brings back the good times. Hearing the rattling around of a truck I knew it was Tracy. I looked up to instead of Tracy my mother? Ok what the actual hell is going on right now?
I get out of my car because this is one of the most confusing moments in history. I walk up to her window as she rolls it down. She looks miserable. What happened to her? Her face is all puffy from crying and as I get closer I can sense alcohol. Why would mom ever drink? I'm officially more confused than a bird repeatedly flying into a glass window. "Kennedy" she says softly as she basically pulls me into her truck, trying to give me a hug. "Mom, why did you leave?" I ask honestly. She shakes her head and starts crying into my neck while messing with my hair. I start to cry too, not realizing how bad the situation is. "I love you so much baby girl, never ever forget that" she says after 10 minutes of crying in silence. I hear the car shift. She looks toward me one last time, starts sobbing once again, takes her beautiful wedding ring off of her left hand which had stayed there for more than 15 years until now. The ring was passed to me through the window. Then just as I know it, my mother actually left. Thinking, hoping this was a dream this whole time, I give her car a glance as she drove out of the gravel abandoned gas station. The old red truck turned the corner and I couldn't believe what was happening. I immediately start punching the old brick building cussing to myself as I let me mother leave my life just like that. I start to get light headed after a while from losing so much blood due to the repeatedly, painless punching. I fall to the ground and just cry, the ringing in my ears gets louder. I felt someone shaking me but they were too late.
I finally posted lmao😂 Hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you think will happen next.

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