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sarmascontest today edit Image by youre such a dream

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hello there lovely human and/or alien! 🤠

hope u are doing 1000%, and if not, feel free to dm me!

this theme is complex edits of other ppl i stan including ariana!

its a santa tell me edit! yaY

edit details!
person; ariana grande duh ✨
event; santa tell me mv ✨
colors; red n green 🎄
lyrics; with it this christmas
premades; meeee
etc; thank u again @gardenrosee 💗🥺
for sariah’s contest! @hopefulgrande #sarmascontest today details!
date; December 5th
time; 4:02 pm
weather; cloudy n cold
mood; 😋😌
song; bad decisions- ariana
“aint u ever seen a princess be a bad bit*h?”

ok so today when i was walking home my x crush like lives near me and walks the same way ans basically we talked the entire time and it was actaully entertaining i-

Mmmk that’s it for now~~~~~~~


my forever {girl}: @lcvelyboca 🥺💕👯‍♀️💫

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