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pedestrians urban pedestrians Image by Wilfred Wong

Cross Only On Signal. Everyday on my way to the office, to a restaurant, to the gym, a cappuccino stop, I see #pedestrians not heeding this sign and just adding to the chaos in the #urban environment. I know how tempting it is to walk against the red and to simply not pay attention. Before I became a consistent pedestrian, I was not as careful either (as a pedestrian or a driver). Now that I witness close calls on a weekly basis, I take all moving things on the street seriously. The lessons of my first year in San Francisco FiDi have taught me well. But there are no guarantees, we have to be smart and lucky. (August 8, 2014, San Francisco, CA) #pedestrians #traffic #crosswalks #safety #autos #automobiles #sanfrancisco #sanfranciscofidi #streetlife