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izoneforever izone Image by new manip edit soon!


Kwon Eunbi,
Miyawaki Sakura,
Kang Hyewon,
Choi Yena,
Lee Chaeyeon,
Kim Chaewon,
Kim Minju,
Yabuki Nako,
Honda Hitomi,
Jo Yuri,
Ahn Yujin,
Jang Wonyoung,

Dear IZ*ONE,

I really can’t believe it. You’re leaving. You’re disbanding. I’ve dealt with other disbanding, and I know how it feels, but it hits harder when you knew they were going to disband all along. It hits harder when you know that these girls were exploited by their respective companies, mnet, and the produce 48 producers. It hits harder when they’re one of your favorite girl groups of all time and they’re just going to be gone.

Like Yena said, we will always be wiz*one. As Yuri said, she will never forget us, so we will not forget them either. As Wonyoung said, she will smile for us so we will smile for her. Like Hitomi said, iz*one and wiz*one will never fade. Like all of the amazing 12 members said, they love us and we are so proud of what they’ve accomplished the past 2 and a half years.

Well, this is my sad goodbye letter. You did so well girls. I’m so proud to be a wiz*one.

Thank you Kwon Eunbi.
Thank you Miyawaki Sakura.
Thank you Kang Hyewon.
Thank you Choi Yena.
Thank you Lee Chaeyeon.
Thank you Kim Chaewon.
Thank you Kim Minju.
Thank you Yabuki Nako.
Thank you Honda Hitomi.
Thank you Jo Yuri.
Thank you Ahn Yujin.
Thank you Jang Wonyoung.

Thank you IZ*ONE for being with us for the past 2.5 years.
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