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demask image

Demasked I found this sheet at HobbieLobbie(in Florence, Ky) in the Scrapbook papers. It just called to me, so I purchased a single sheet. One side had a metalic silver background behind the vintage cream, demask pattern. On the back, the pattern popped out, slightly, and was just the cream off white color. When I first laid eyes upon the paper, I Already knew what I wanted to do with it. Once at home, I found a well lit spot on a wall, where I Carefully tacked it up and took a few shots of both sides. This is my 3d edited design (the 1st was just your basic touch ups & 2nd was a floral pattern w/ badge) #demask #splatterart #splattered #splattereffect #wallpaper #blueandpurple #new #stillness #brightcolors #FreeToEdit <br>#remixit

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