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Comment your favorite go to dance/exercise songs. It has to be fun, energetic, and it gets you moving~

Comment your go to travel songs... what songs would you play on a road trip? Something like that :)

Like before, I’m expecting 25+ songs!! (It doesn’t have to be 25, but I like setting a goal with you guys 😁)

Comment a 💃|🥳 for dance songs and 🚐 for travel songs ( you can use other emojis if you want) I just need to know what songs go with which section

I have seen ALL the song recommendations from my last post. I love you guys so much!! I was honestly expecting this idea to flop 😭💜 I’ll be using the songs you guys recommend on here and my last post, so don’t think it’s useless to comment again

I’m honestly so excited to do this event or whatever you call it. I hope you guys are too!! Don’t have high expectations though, I don’t want to disappoint anyone lol

ps. It can be a non-kpop song btw
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the monster inside of you
no te enamores - paloma mami (dance)

my blood - tøp (travel)
Dance-Low by Flo Rida
Travel-Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur
dance - nct songs
travel - good to me and dalla dalla♥️😂😂