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... Image by bug 🐛 any pronouns but prefer he/they

do’s and dont’s for baby witches 🧿✨


lots of research online
learn how to ward and protect your space
beginer safe self love and protection spells
make sure the deity you think is reaching out to you is a deity/ the correct one
make a Book Of Shadows
make a Grimoire
get to know the energy in your neighborhood
get to know your local plants and animals
research color association
research crystals
research herbs
shadow work
dont have to see your magick work to believe in your magick, believe your magick to see it

work with deities until youre more experienced
buy dream catchers from non IPOC buisnesses
cultural apropriate things (dreamcatchers, honey jars...)
try to astral project without wards
leave a mirror unlocked
tell anyone theyre prettier than Aphrodite (please dont a war started over it)

there are a lot more that i probably missed out on but these are what i can remember atm. maybe ill update it. maybe not

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